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Activity 8 (Elaborate): Climate Change & Resilience

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Activity Summary

In this activity, students learn about how the greenhouse effect connects to climate change. They also interpret graphs of predicted CO2 levels and sea-levels to make the connection between different possible climate change scenarios. Finally, they learn about climate resilience, and watch a video about New Orleans to learn about how they can build flood resilience into their own community.

Activity Objectives & Materials

Approximate Time: 60 minutes


  • Students will understand the concept of climate change and how it is tied to atmospheric CO2 concentration

  • Students will understand the concept of climate resilience and how it applies to sea level rise


  • Computer & Projector

  • Speakers (for video)



  • What is Climate Change?

  • Climate Resilience and Sea Level Rise

Standards Connection




1. Frame the Activity


2. Reading: Climate Change

3. How Much is Too Much?


4. Introduce the Climate Change Scenarios

5. Sea Level Rise Scenarios 

6. Introduce Resilience

7. Resilience Example

8. Formative Assessment


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