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Activity 1 (Engage): Introducing Tatiana & Calvin

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Activity Summary

Students are introduced to the anchor phenomenon for the unit: two young people who occasionally have difficulty breathing. They also share background knowledge and develop questions to explore. Finally, they examine local youth asthma statistics to understand the risk asthma poses to their communities.

Activity Objectives & Materials

Approximate Time: 30-45 minutes



  • Students will ask questions to build understanding of the phenomenon

  • Students will be able to describe the symptoms related to the phenomenon (asthma)

  • Students will make connections to local asthma health statistics



  • Projector & speakers (for video)

  • Anchor chart paper and markers

  • Local asthma data posters



  • Patient Record (teacher and student versions)

  • KWL Chart

Standards Connection

SEP: Asking Questions & Defining Problems

CCC: Cause & Effect

Before the Activity




1. Frame the Activity


2. Introduce Tatiana & Calvin

3. Chart Symptoms


4. Preliminary Diagnosis & KWL Chart

5. Local Asthma Data

6. Formative Assessment

Reading: Janet Phoenix - Air Quality Champion


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