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The Effects of Ozone Pollution on Human Body Systems

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Module Overview

The air we breathe provides us with the oxygen we need to survive, but it can also introduce dangerous and harmful chemicals into our lungs and our bodies. In this module, students will take on the role of medical professionals to investigate the phenomenon of an asthma attack. They will begin by studying the structure and function of the human respiratory system, and how it connects to the circulatory system. They will use this understanding to develop a model of how our bodies get and transfer oxygen to our cells. Then they will investigate the effects of ground-level ozone and its role in exacerbating the effects of asthma. They will also have the opportunity to connect this understanding with a common treatment for asthma. Finally, students will demonstrate what they know by using their models to show how air pollution affects the human body.

Anchor phenomenon:

      Two students who are having difficulty breathing.


  • 7 activities + summative assessment

  • Approximately 7 class periods + summative assessment


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Doing Our Part

Module 1 Air Quality Champion: Dr. Janet Phoenix

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