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Additional Online Resources for Air Quality, Climate Change,

and Environmental Justice Sites


Air Quality

Our Nation's Air Trends through 2021

Timeline of Particulate Matter (PM) National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) | US EPATSI IAQ Sensors

Current Air Quality and Forecast | Virginia DEQ

Hyperlocal Air Quality Data Collection 


Sign-up for Investigation of Gas Stove Emissions in DC Metro Area

Air Monitoring – Loudoun Climate Project

Low Cost Air Quality Sensors

South Coast Air Quality Management District AQ SPEC Evaluations for low cost air sensors

Aeroqual Air Quality Sensors

Flow, by Plume Labs: The first smart air quality tracker

AirBeam - Buy It Now

Air Quality Monitor by Foobot

The Ultimate Guide To Better Air QualityAtmocube – Air Quality and Environmental Monitor for Businesses and Enterprises

Monitor | Know What You Breathe | Awair

AirVisual Series Air Quality Monitors | IQAir

Guidance for using Low Cost Air Sensors

How to Evaluate Low-Cost Sensors by Collocation with Federal Reference Method Monitors

Air Sensor Toolbox | US EPA

Field Performance and Calibration Practice for Low-Cost Ozone Sensor

Low–Cost Air Pollution Monitors and Indoor Air Quality | US EPA

Air Sensor Technology and Indoor Air Quality | US EPA

Enhanced Air Sensor Guidebook (2022)

Environmental Justice 

Vulnerable Populations Index | Baltimore Metropolitan Council

Justice40 Data Set Submissions - Google Sheets

Justice Map: Visualize race and income data in your community

Mapping for Environmental Justice – Creating high quality, community-informed EJ maps and providing technical assistance to states and advocates

Virginia Environmental Data Hub

Other Air Quality-Related

Road to Clean Air: Benefits of a Nationwide Transition to Electric VehiclesHow is the AQI calulated?

Home | Indoor Air QualityExplore the tool - Climate & Economic Justice Screening ToolThe Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality | US EPAHome - IEQ Guidelines

Introduction to Indoor Air Quality | US EPAA Guide to Siting and Installing Air Sensors | US EPAAir Quality Globally Unified Air QualityThe Index - AQLI
Data & Tools – HNS

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