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Module Overview

In 2006, former Vice President Al Gore went on tour with the new film “An Inconvenient Truth” to educate Americans about the dangers of climate change. Since then, people in this country and around the world have awakened to the new reality of a warming planet and all the consequences that go with it. In this module, students use the phenomenon of rising sea levels and “sunny day flooding” to investigate the causes and effects of climate change including melting polar ice, the greenhouse effect, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, and burning fossil fuels. By the end of the unit, students will have developed a cause and effect chain that leads from power plants to flooded coastlines. They will also learn how they can fight climate change through individual action, group effort, and building climate resilience into their communities.


Anchor phenomenon: A city that is flooding on a sunny day.


  • 8 activities (+2 optional) and summative assessment

  • Approximately 9-13 class periods + summative assessment




When to Teach This Module


NGSS Standards Alignment - Middle School

NGSS Standards Alignment - 5th Grade

Virginia Standards of Learning Alignment

Common Core State Standards Alignment

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Module Materials


Teacher Background Information


Module 5 Air Quality Champion: Vernon Morris

Module 5 Glossary

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