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Activity 11 (Evaluate): Earth in 2050

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Activity Overview

Activity Summary

This summative assessment is designed to evaluate students’ understanding of the big ideas of the module by posing a fictional scenario about the future and having students interpret the effects to determine the causes. Students also share what they learned about climate resilience to provide suggestions to a community in need.

Activity Objectives & Materials

Approximate Time: 30 minutes



  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of key climate change ideas related to greenhouse gases, sea level rise, and climate resilience.

  • Students will interpret graphs to draw conclusions about climate change scenarios


  • Computer & projector

  • Earth in 2050 assessment answer guide


  • Earth in 2050 assessment

Standards Connection

DCI: ESS 3.D: Global Climate Change

DCI: ESS 3.C: Human Impacts on Earth Systems

SEP: Analyzing Data

CCC: Cause & Effect



Consider what topic students might need some additional support with before the assessment, and use it to help provide some additional guidance (without giving away any of the answers on the assessment). For example, have students determine approximately what year carbon dioxide levels were at 300 ppm using the graph below (it was just after 1900).


Long term GHG concentrations.jpg

1. Frame the Activity

Remind students of how much they have learned during the module, and how many questions from Activity 1 they have answered based on their original phenomenon. Assure them that they are prepared to show what they know.

2. Provide the Assessment

Give students the assessment (Earth in 2050).

Step 4

3. Next Steps

After the assessment, consider if there are any questions left from Activity 1 that you want to address, and finish any action projects that are still ongoing. Be sure to give students feedback on their assessment, and celebrate all that they have learned!

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