Truck with Smoke Cropped

AIR POLLUTION IN the Community

Activity 1 (Engage): The Trouble With Trucks

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Activity Summary

In this investigation kickoff activity, students are introduced to the phenomenon of truck exhaust and – in the extreme case – coal rolling. They take a moment to consider what they already know about truck exhaust and come up with some questions about the topic before they begin exploring in the next activity.

Activity Objectives & Materials

Approximate Time: 45 minutes



  • Students will ask questions to clarify and define the phenomenon of point-source air pollution (truck exhaust)



  • Computer & projector

  • Sticky notes

  • Sentence strips (or other paper)



  • I See, I Think, I Wonder

  • Air Quality Champion interview (optional)

Standards Connection




1. Frame the Activity


2. Introduce The Phenomenon: Diesel Trucks

3. I Think...


4. I Wonder...

5. Summarize Questions

6. Trucks in the Community

7. Formative Assessment

Reading: Joshua Shodeinde - Air Quality Champion


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