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AIR POLLUTION IN the Community

Activity 4 (Explain): Particulate Matter and

Human Health

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Activity Summary

In this activity, students learn about the major health effects of particulate matter pollution by engaging with a simulation and watching a video. They also determine what things they believed about combustion pollution are true and which are false.

Teacher Tip: If you have already done Module 1 with students, you can choose to skip this activity, or take a moment to refresh students’ memories by replaying the Lung Attack Simulation in step 3.

Activity Objectives & Materials

Approximate Time: 30-45 minutes


  • Students will be able to identify the major health risks of particulate matter pollution.

  • Students will be able to compare and contrast the health effects of PM 2.5 and PM 10.



  • Sentence strips

  • Student computers (optional)

  • Computer & projector


  • The Health Effects of Particulate Matter

Standards Connection




1. Frame the Activity


2. Fact or Fiction

3. Lung Attack


4. How PM Affects Your Brain (optional)

5. Compare and Contrast

6. Return to Fact or Fiction

7. Question Check-in

8. Formative Assessment


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