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Chesapeake Bay

Activity 13 (Elaborate): Presenting the

Chesapeake Bay

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Activity Summary

In this culminating activity, students synthesize what they have learned during the module through their experiments, models, and research. Working together, they develop one or more presentations of their findings to share with stakeholders in the Chesapeake Bay conservation community.

A Note About Student Input and Planning: Like other components of the MWEE, significant student input should be involved in planning their presentation. They may want to choose the format (poster vs. PowerPoint vs. video), what information is included, and who their audience will be. With this in mind, advance planning is required for the presentation to run smoothly. Try your best to provide as much student input as possible, balanced with the need to anticipate and plan in advance for various components of the project. Use the Planning Guide below to help reach this balance.

Activity Objectives & Materials

Approximate Time: variable depending on presentation format


  • Students will use their models and research to create a presentation of the problem of nitrogen pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.



  • Student Presentation Planning Guide

  • Student presentation look-fors

  • Student Presentation Rubric


  • None

A Note About Timing: The timing of the last two activities in this module (student presentation and student action project) are completely interchangeable. If you do the action project first, then it is will be easier for students to include “what you can do” suggestions in their presentation. However, sometimes it is easier from a logistical perspective to do the action project last. Choose whichever order works best for you and your students.

Standards Connection




1. Frame the Activity


2. Return to the Model

3. Brainstorming


4. Group Presentation Development

5. Practice

6. Present!

7. Celebrate!


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